Committed to creating the highest quality nylon watch straps

Founded in 2019, MORA Watch Straps was created with the goal of creating the highest quality nylon watch straps for watch enthusiasts. As watch fanatics, we know how important the small details are on our watches and watch accessories, so we wanted to create a nylon strap that didn’t make any compromises. It wasn’t enough to just make a great watch strap – we want to share our nylon straps with fellow watch lovers at an awesome price!

So what makes MORA Straps better?

Quality. Quality. Quality. We obsessed over the details of something as simple as a watch strap for nearly 2 years to get everything just right. Our woven polyamide material and solid 316L hardware won’t be found anywhere else. While other companies are using standard off-the-shelf components, we found it critical to make every component of our straps the best available.

The Earth is important to us.

Each MORA strap goes through 3 separate quality control checks right here in Louisville, Kentucky before ever getting carefully packaged individually into one of our soft, natural cotton MORA watch pouches. We never use any unnecessary plastic or paper in our manufacturing or shipping processes. Our orders ship to our awesome customers inside of a biodegradable/recyclable mailer. We’re fighting to preserve our forests and keep plastic out of our oceans and landfills.

What does MORA mean?

A MORA nylon strap is the safest way to wear your watch. If you have a spring-bar failure the built-in safety of the pass-through design ensures that your watch will still be attached by the remaining spring-bar. Saying this – we knew if we could create a very premium strap it would be the perfect all-purpose, go anywhere, do anything watch strap. So MORA is actually an anagram for ‘ROAM’, however it also has another meaning and association with time/timing that we think ties in creatively with our horological association.

A mora, in some languages determines stress or timing. The definition of a mora varies. The term comes from the Latin word for “linger, delay”, which was also used to translate the Greek word chronos (time) in its metrical sense.

MORA Watch Straps is our way of giving back to the watch enthusiast community that we enjoy so much. At the end of the day it’s not how many watch straps we sell that’s important to us, but the relationships we build on that journey. We love to hear from fellow enthusiasts and we love interacting on Instagram and Facebook – so come hang out with us or drop us a line here.