Solid 316L stainless steel hardware with no points of failure.

Each MORA nylon watch strap is fitted with buckles and keepers honed from solid 316L stainless steel. You won’t find any cheap folded metal or vulnerable spring bars in our straps!

These types of straps were originally created to eliminate single failure points. Many companies advertise “premium” hardware but attach their buckles with pins or spring-bars. Using a spring-bar on a nylon strap introduces a vulnerable failure-point, which is the very thing nylon straps are intended to eliminate.

highest quality nylon watch strap buckle

Environmentally Conscious Packaging

We set out to produce the highest quality nylon watch straps but it was crucial to us that we did so responsibly, with environmental preservation in mind. We put a lot of thought into our packaging and the best way to minimize waste. We avoid using any unnecessary plastic or paper in our manufacturing and shipping processes.

Each MORA Watch Strap comes packed inside of an ultra-soft cotton watch pouch. The pouches can be used to store your watches and/or straps. We also ship our straps inside of a biodegradable/recyclable mailer. We’re taking necessary steps to keep waste out of our landfills and our oceans. We’re always taking strides to become a ‘greener’ company and we believe every small step helps!