If you’re a watch enthusiast and don’t own any premium NATO-style watch straps, you’re missing out!

The original NATO watch straps were first introduced by the British Military as early as 1973. These original, utilitarian straps, were designed to prevent loss of the soldier’s timepiece in the event a spring bar failed. These straps were constructed of woven nylon and thin, stamped brass hardware.

Over time, the utilitarian NATO strap has found a place on the wrist of watch lovers all over the world. NATO straps are water resistant, lightweight and provide extra security for your beloved timepiece. With their growing popularity, a demand for higher quality NATO-style straps was only natural.

Premium NATO-style straps are constructed with the same utilitarian fundamentals in mind… But they feature higher quality materials and superior craftsmanship.

So, why would do you need a premium NATO-style strap?

Solid and striped NATO-style watch straps can be found in the collection of almost every admirer of sport watches. With a wide array of colors available, a good strap collection can easily transform a single watch for many occasions, making it a perfect fit for nearly any attire.

Adding a premium NATO-style strap to these Seiko dive watches gives them a unique look that keeps a watch collection fun and exciting.

Besides being a quick, simple way to revamp your look, these straps serve a protective purpose as well. The double-pass design ensures you won’t lose your watch should a spring bar break (unless you’ve purchased a cheap NATO strap with a spring-bar in the buckle).

What makes a premium NATO-Style strap?

As with most things, quality matters. Many nylon strap distributors use either a hard nylon material that is rough on the wrist or a seatbelt-like material that is flimsy and doesn’t breathe well.

MORA produces the highest quality NATO-style straps available.
MORA NATO-style straps are constructed from the highest quality materials available. We didn’t compromise on our ultra-soft nylon and solid 316L stainless steel hardware.

Another important aspect to your watch strap is the utilitarian purpose – will your NATO-style strap secure your watch in the cause of a spring-bar failure? A properly designed NATO-style strap will use a solid buckle, without a spring bar, to eliminate all single points of failure. Additionally, premium stainless steel keepers and tight stitching are expected in higher quality offerings.

Where to find a premium strap options?

We’re certainly biased, but we spent nearly 2 years working on our proprietary nylon and 316L stainless steel hardware. MORA provides strong, yet supple, NATO-style watch straps that rival the most expensive options available – without the price tag! We’re so confident that you’ll love our straps that, if for whatever crazy reason you don’t, we’ll gladly take it back for a full refund.

Check our our premium NATO-style straps and, please, let us know if you have any questions!

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